Café & Bar


Our beautiful on-site Kitchen, Café & Bar is open all day every day, serving delicious seasonal hot and cold food and drinks. We ensure our menu changes throughout the year to work with current trends and serve using the highest quality ingredients we can find! We welcome visitors of the Farm as well as walk-ins, so you don’t have to visit the farm if you wish to only dine with us, or just grab a tasty coffee. Simply pop and see us - we will always greet you with a warm and friendly smile! Whether you are passing through, staying in the area, or have planned a day on the Farm, our quality food and attentive service, provided in an idyllic location, will keep you coming back for more. Located just off the A303 near Salisbury, we are situated in the beautiful Wiltshire village of Cholderton. With ample parking and fantastic facilities, we offer a whole lot more than just a cup of tea and a slice of cake! Reserve your table at the Kitchen, Café & Bar at Cholderton Charlie's near Salisbury, Wiltshire now! To find out more or to reserve your table, please call us on (01980) 629 438 or email; We warmly welcome all booking types!

Yard Batch Beer

During your visit why not try one of our delicious home-brewed beers, aptly named Yard Batch Beer due to the brewers proximity to our yard! Brewed in 20L batches using our own naturally filtered water sourced from the aquifer 90 metres below our feet! All with their own unique tastes and names; from Peeking Peacock and Chubby Rain, to Nelson Sauvin and American IPA we work hard to bring you some fantastic and complex beers, lovingly brewed on-site by Beer loving Babes (and brothers!) Nat & Toby

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Ice Creams & Lollies

We have hunted high and low to source some seriously high quality ice creams (lots of taste testing happened, poor us eh?!) and we now proudly stock "Great British Ice Cream" - Jude's! As well as our tasty ice creams, we also have LICKALIX, the all-natural ice lollies! Using high quality organic ingredients these fruity, free-from flavours are in the range for both kids and adults! These ice lollies are gluten free, lactose free and dairy free! They're also vegan and vegetarian friendly, made with love by the guys and gals of LICKALIX in the UK! The lollies are packed with organic real whole fruit. What more can you ask for in an all-natural 'popsicle'?

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Locally sourced Coffee

Upon our searches for local suppliers, Peaberry Coffee came up as a high quality coffee supplier in the nearby area. Peaberry is a Hampshire based, family-owned and run (just like us!) coffee business with deep roots in the local community. The business is centred around its core roasting operation, but also acts as the hub for a growing range of ethical, socially responsible coffee sourcing and distribution enterprises. Peaberry works alongside their carefully chosen Partners, and their aim is not only to provide customers with the best possible coffee experience, but to do so upholding the highest possible ethical standard!

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Stonehenge Water

The iconic and historic site of Stonehenge rests on the beautiful and vast Salisbury Plain. Beneath the enigmatic stone circle lies an aquifer with the most pristine water; the bottles are filled with the pure and velvety smooth spring water which over many, many years has trickled through the thick layer of chalk that acts as a natural filter. Throughout the centuries, wellsprings have been found by the art of dowsing, this involves using divining tools. You can use two metal 'L' shaped metal rods or a 'Y' shaped wooden twig. The man who found our wellspring use metal rods aquifer, he took a rod in each hand and held them lightly out in front om him whilst walking slowly forward. Where the rods crossed over forming an 'X' shape, access to the source was established.

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Find us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with our new menu changes, up-and-coming events, themed supper evenings and much, much more! Click here to follow us on Twitter, here to follow us on Instagram and here to like us on Facebook. We take bookings for any event, from breakfast or lunch, afternoon teas to evening meals; we are the ideal venue for a family get together, corporate function and charity events! A beautiful venue with a difference, making your visit feel personal to you and your guests.