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Baby & Toddler Yogassage PLUS Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga Class

12:30pm Every Monday £5

Come along and join us on The Farm, with the lovely local Salisbury Mum Gemma, of Relax My Baby, for a fantastic selection of Baby Yoga, Baby Massage and NOW a brand new session, postnatal mum and baby yoga group!
The group ages and abilities vary, from birth to toddlers, and each session is a brilliant way to bond with your baby (dad’s welcome to join certain classes too!), as well as interacting and getting to know lots of other local mums and their gorgeous little ones too. 
Baby Massage: looks at moving various body parts: legs and feet, tummy and chest, arms, face, and back combined with…
Baby Yoga: each week we learn moves for baby with songs to go with them, we will be helping babies to learn coordination, gain head control, awareness of limbs of movement of body parts as well as having a lovely sensory experience. We also cover moves which can help with wind, colic and constipation!
This class is around half an hour which includes a mixture of baby massage and baby yoga moves. This is ideal if you’re looking for a weekly class to attend with your baby and other mums and dads. There’s also some movement as well as singing and sensory experiences and special bonding time.
Starting on Monday 20th May, Gemma would also  like to invite you to come to a NEW postnatal mum and baby yoga group….
Come along and meet other mums while bonding with your baby!
Would you like to strengthen your body gently and effectively after childbirth, start slowly using your core and pelvic floor muscles to safely ease your body back into exercise… Did you know one of the reasons women have prolapses after birth is because they rush back into fitness classes without having those deep muscles toned and prepared first?! Many women do not know that they have tummy muscle separation after birth and continuing with exercise as you may have done before, things like sit-ups can actually make the separation much worse!
Slowly will = Faster results
Mum and baby yoga is about strengthening, its about bonding with your baby, it’s about making new friends or meeting up with old friends and sharing your love and experiences!Babies need to have had 6 week check to ensure no hip problems and mums if you have had a c-section please wait until at least 10-12 weeks post labour, and any other medical interventions at least 6 weeks, for more information click here to get in touch with Gemma of Relax My Baby to book today, call or message on 07947 926703.
Nestled in the village of Cholderton, close to the city of Salisbury in Wiltshire, Cholderton Charlie’s is a rare breeds farm full of your favourite furry friends, featuring a range of facilities as well as indoor and outdoor play areas, accomodation, a gift-shop and vineyard. On-site there is the Kitchen, Café & Bar, which specialises in seasonal hot & cold food, with some of the finest local ingredients. Whether you’ve never been to the farm before, or you come regularly, come along to the Yogassage classes! What better way to spend your Monday afternoon, on the farm relaxing!