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Flippin After School Pancake Tea

4pm-5:30pm Tuesday 25th February 2020 £7.50

Come along and join us after school on pancake day, Tuesday, the 25th of February 2020 from 4pm for our annual “Flippin After School Pancake Tea”! Come and let us make all the mess and clean up for you afterwards, let the kids (and grown ups!) enjoy some tasty pancakes for their teatime with a unique choice of savoury or sweet pancakes that they can decorate themselves!

This tasty buffet pancake tea will be a great chance for the kids to get creative with their food, there will be a fabulous selection of fresh fruit, accomplishments, meat PLUS vegetables the little ones can chose from, we will also come up with menu inspiration so you can get ideas on which toppings to use for a tasty tea!